Relationship Resistance

Physical beauty is important to many people, yet those who have it in abundance may wish they had less. Their record of relationships could be dismal as they continually discover people are not quite so interested in them as a person. Getting out of this mould could be difficult, but they could find the person who does not want to date them is the perfect future partner. Those who exhibit relationship resistance to them could be the ones they have been seeking all along.

Personal attractiveness is often something few people feel they have, and it is generally others who label them. If a person does not feel they look good, it matters little what others say. Those who are searching for a special person for a long term commitment care little about their looks, and those who are highly attractive generally find good looks diminish their chances of success. That is when meeting a person willing to resist going out with them might just be a good choice.

Dating someone who looks really good is a goal for some, but others may see that person as shallow. If they are looking for their own long term relationship, they are generally looking for someone less physically attractive because they value other attributes. If an attractive person asks them out, refusal could be their normal response. If the attractive person continues to ask, they might agree to a single date just so they can be rid of that person.

When the pair set off on their date, surprise might await both of them. They could find they have many values in common, and they could even be looking for the same things in a partner. Agreeing to a second date could confirm the feelings they had on the first date, and each of them might have finally found a person for a long term relationship that will make both of them happy.