A Mismatched Couple

When an extremely attractive person dates, they are often expected to be with someone equally good looking. Life does not always work out symmetrically, and they could find the person they are most drawn towards is someone with little physical beauty. While it might not bother them in the least, those on the outside of the relationship could be shocked. The media is particularly good at hunting down those who are rich, famous, attractive, and interesting to point out a mismatched couple.

Many people are more than willing to admit that beauty on the outside does not necessarily make a good person, but they seem to forget that when viewing someone especially attractive. They seem to want them to be with the right person, but few of them would choose someone less than perfect. It could be the attractive for the beautiful person is in the love and laughter they feel with their partner, but that is not appealing to the eye.

Looks are not an important consideration in any personal relationship that works for those involved, so those on the outside should keep that in mind. If they are disturbed by the lack of appeal of someone else’s partner, it is more about their own feelings than that of the couple. They should be happy any two people have found a relationship that works for them.

Beautiful people often attract attention from many quarters, but their choice of a partner in life depends upon their personal needs. While there will always be those who choose to be only with others in the same category physically, others will seek out relationships with those who meet less apparent needs. If both people are happy with their relationship, it is only through appearances that they are a mismatched couple for others to talk about when they are not around.