The Endless Breakup

When a relationship is over, it is best to break it off as soon as possible. Some people believe they can make the object of their affections remain, and they try desperately to hold on to their relationship. Rather than accept their partner's wish to leave, they employ delaying tactics such as guilt, illness or even lies to keep them. This is not good for either partner, and it eventually turns feelings of love into disgust. The partner who originally wanted to leave will do whatever is necessary to escape.

There are many reasons why a person would not want to end their relationship, and these include economic support and co-dependency. Some people see their partner more as a beautiful object than as a person, and they appear to believe their former partner has stolen from them when they leave. All of these reasons for maintaining a bad relationship are dangerous, and a former partner may turn to stalking.

Being stalked by a former partner is beginning to be seen as the danger it represents, but few remedies are available. A person being stalked may be able to move, but many of them must maintain their employment. This gives their stalker a known destination, and it presents an opportunity for them to locate the home of their victim. Until a physical attack occurs, authorities can do little to prevent a stalker from carrying out their harassment.

Unnerving is a good description of the feelings caused by a stalker, and fear of the unknown is a factor. Many people being stalked have no means to prevent a former partner from finding them, and this upsets their lives as they continue to be hunted. Keeping in touch with family, friends and local authorities is the best protection they can muster, and letting neighbors know a stalker may be lurking might help find them before they become dangerous.